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Consult 4 Kids has a collection of archived videos, eBooks, lesson plans, and also one of our most popular courses, Jump Start, to give to you for FREE!  To "Learn More", please click on the link below.

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Consult 4 Kids has a trunk full of promotional items such as pencils, hats, and Tips that we give away for FREE!  We also have written transcripts of webinars for folks who would rather read.  Please follow the link below.

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While C4K does not take donations directly, through our affiliate non-profit, Entrusted Legacy, you may donate money or items, apply for scholarships, or decide to sponsor professional development for a team.

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Whether you work during the day or expanded learning, in a classroom or a clubhouse, daily or once a week, C4K has items which can support your work.  

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We are all educators, some of us more intentional than others.  Strengthen your practice by utilizing C4K supports.  Check out our products and free stuff as well.

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