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Consult 4 Kids is committed to giving back.  We have pre-recorded videos, and several mini courses, and some of our videos in audio-only format to share.  We have written materials as well as items we have captured in digital renderings.


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Free Archived and Written Materials

Archived Videos

C4K believes that the most effective role models and mentors have received professional development.  C4K is sharing a collection of our archived videos for FREE!  We also have some of our archived videos in audio format only for those who "listen" to information.  To find the links to our video collection, please click on the link below.  

Written Materials

Consult 4 Kids has written materials in the form of mini eBooks, authored transcripts of videos, and other written materials which will support those who work with youth and influence them as a role model and mentor.  We would love to share these with you.  Please click on the link below to access your Free materials.

Digital Renderings

Consult 4 Kids captures key discussions, procedures and protocols in person on charts and power point slides, and virtually with Zoom's white board, the use of Padlet, or Jam Boards.  These capture the best thinking of the group of people we're working with.  Please click on the link to access your FREE materials



"I have really appreciated the English Language Arts, Math, and Character Education lessons.  They have helped me to offer a well-rounded program and the kids love them.  The games are fun and right on target."

Program Leader

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