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C4K's Instructional Video Series is designed to present foundational information to you in both a visual and audio format.  Our web-based learning program is available 24-7, 365.  The Video Series is organized in bite-sized chunks or single topic clusters--whichever is most convenient for you.

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Exemplary Performance

Exemplary Performance begins with mastering the basics.  C4K's Nifty 9 covers the foundation for working with youth:  Professionalism, Safety, Managing Environment, Behavior Guidance, Positive Discipline, Holistic Instruction, Debriefing, Transitions, and Direct and Tell vs. Questioning Techniques.  This course is geared for educator success.


Quality Program

Whether your supporting learning in school or in out-of-school time, it is essential your program is strong.  Scheduling, team building, healthy living, academics, physical activity, and homework are all elements of quality. Wrap this up in a cycle of continuous improvement and you have a recipe for success.

Teacher and large group of student in Lecture room

Leadership Development

Every day we are observed by others and they decide that they would like to be like us or they decide "no way".  C4K provides a leadership track which begins with knowing yourself, guiding a team, managing and supervising others, and coaching your staff to success.  Being the change you want to see is how leaders set an example for those who follow them.  

Womoan Individual

"I never seem to have time to read and even if I did, I learn much better when I can watch and listen.  C4K's videos have helped me understand the basics.  I use '10 Minutes to Success' every day.  When I first started, I had to watch the video several times to get it 'right'."

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