Outstanding Opportunities

Effective Employees

Consult 4 Kids employees hard-working, highly-motivated people who are passionate about the work we do with the adults who interact with children and youth on a regular basis.  We have administrative assistants, an executive secretary, and a webmaster.  Unfortunately, C4K currently does not have any open positions.  If you're interested, continue to check our website--the open positions will be posted here.

Fabulous Freelancers

Consult 4 Kids Trainers works closely with self-employed, independent contractors, beginning with our consultants.  As an independent contractor our consultants have freedom and autonomy along with association with leaders in the expanded learning field.  Our freelancers also include our sales-force who has the opportunity to earn by sharing the work we do with potential clients.  

Valued Supporters

C4K engages with interns who are interested in strengthening a wide-range of skills, including troubleshooting, office support, and website design and development.  We are also blessed with a wide array of colleagues who share their expertise with us and our customers.  Consult 4 Kid is a great team, with great members.  We are always looking for educators who are interested in sharing knowledge and expertise.

Who Can Become Part of the C4K Team?

Educators who work with children and youth in a variety of settings, with multiple levels of experience, and the desire support others in being the best role model and mentor for youth possible.

People Like You

No matter what capacity you are in when you work with youth--teacher, youth worker, scout master, informal educator, coach, child care, parents, or expanded learning professional, C4K may have a place for you.

Are you ready to get started?

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