Site Coordinator-Quality Programming

$100.00 for 12 months

Learn about each aspect of a high-quality program.  Learn about scheduling rotations, running incredible enrichment clubs, supporting youth in completing their homework, and much more.  These courses are designed for new, emerging, and seasoned Site Coordinators.


Our Site Coordinator-Quality Programming Membership allows you to access the Site Coordinator Course on Quality Program.  As the Site Coordinator, the quality of your program is dependent on the schedules and components you include and supporting the frontline staff which deliver those components to youth. There are seven lessons in Quality Programming-Opening, Rotations, Homework, Enrichment, Healthy Living, Academic Support, and Closing.  Begin with the information for the Site Coordinator, however, at some point you may also want to review the materials for the frontline staff (Program Leaders).  You will be reading the same eBook which will ground you in the information they have.  There are a total of 50 lessons and 7 eBooks.


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