Jump Start


Starting as a new Youth Leader?  Need a brief look at the basics?  In approximately 6 hours, C4K will share information about the basics of exemplary performance:  professionalism, safety, managing the environment, guiding behavior, positive discipline, transitions, debriefing holistic instruction and the difference between Direct and Tell and Questioning to Connection.


Jump Start is a overview training to get new Expanded Learning (After School) staff up and working.  It introduces the staff member to the topics covered in the Nifty 9:  professionalism, safety, the Trilogy (managing the environment, guiding behavior, positive discipline), transitions, debriefing, questioning to connection, and holistic instruction.  The course provides access to eBooks on each of the topics, but reading them is not a requirement of the course.

The course is divided into three modules:  A Walk Through the Day (a look at quality programming), The Foundational 5, and the Fundamental 4.  Each of the modules has individual lessons, most of which have a quiz for participants to take.  Participants will also find a 3-2-1 Reflection (debrief) they can submit directly to Consult 4 Kids, providing us with additional feedback.


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