Video Course-Program Leaders

$75.00 for 12 months

Each Program Leader is unique and shares with children and youth who they are through what they do every day.  This Video Course-Program Leader Membership course supports  you as you find your way to be an effective positive role model and mentor for youth.  Everything you do gives permission to young people to do the same.  In this course C4K shares critical information with you so you can make a difference in the lives of children and youth.


The Video Course-Program Leaders Membership allows you access to Program Leader 102 (PL 102), which is a video course to support your learning as frontline staff.  There are three modules in this course:  Putting Youth First, Building Relationships, and Building Your Competency and Capacity.  These modules are assembled to support your work with children and youth.  There are over 70 videos, complete with Perspectives (discussion questions) and quizzes.


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