Nifty 9

$50.00 for 12 months

The Nifty 9 Membership allows you to access C4K’s Program Leader Exemplary Performance Course.  This course is designed to fully prepare you for working with children and youth as a positive role model and mentor.  As a youth leader you have an affect on the children and youth you work with.  You have a powerful sphere of influence.  This course will help you to do this work with excellence.


The Nifty 9 Membership allows you access to the Program Leader Course on Exemplary Performance (PLEP).   The experience youth have in learning is directly related to the skills of the learning facilitator—in other words the person who is working with them and delivering the lesson.  At C4K we believe there are NINE essentials you must be aware of and master to be effective for youth.  The first is Professionalism—youth observe what you do and it gives them permission to do the same.  Safety of youth is always a number 1 priority and as the adult in charge, you are always looking out for physical and emotional safety.  The next three we put together in what we call the Trilogy because they work hand-in-glove together-Managing the Environment, Behavior Guidance, and implementing Positive Discipline. These first five are followed by Transitions, Debriefing and Holistic Instruction and topped off with number 9-understanding the difference between Direct and Tell and Questioning.  This Course takes a look at these keys to your success.   There are a total of 77 lessons and 7 eBooks.


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