Titanium Membership

$200.00 for 12 months

Access four (4) Site Coordinator courses designed to support your development into an exemplary leader.  Each of the written materials and videos reinforce important basic and beyond skills as you  build your capacity and competence.  Each course issues a certificate upon completion.  Quizzes and perspectives support each video.


The Titanium Membership allows you access to four (4) Site Coordinator Courses  These courses are designed to support your development as a site coordinator.  Materials reinforce one another and will help you see your way to being an influential Site Coordinator.

Site Coordinator Courses

Site Coordinator Quality Program (SCQP):  This course looks closely at program schedules and design and the individual program components.  By presenting these components in bite-sized chunks, it is easier to understand how to strengthen your program by changing one aspect at a time.  The course covers the book ends, Opening and Closing, Rotations separately, and then the individual rotation components Homework, Healthy Living, Academic Support, and Enrichment.  Course has videos and written materials, both with quizzes.

Site Coordinator Exemplary Performance (SCEP):  This course looks closely at the building blocks of becoming an exemplary youth leader, role model and mentor.  There are seven modules in this course:  Professionalism, Safety (physical and emotional), The Trilogy (Managing the Environment, Behavior Guidance, Positive Discipline), Transitions, Debriefing, Direct and Tell vs. Questioning, and Holistic Instruction.  Course has videos and written materials, both with quizzes.

Site Coordinator 101 (SC 101):  This course is a written course which has five (5) modules:  Alignment with the School Day, The Many Hats of the Site Coordinator, Quality Programming, Exemplary Performance, and Putting It All Together.  Each module contains seven lessons, each with a quiz, including a midterm and a challenge exam.

Site Coordinator 102 (SC 102):  This course is all videos and is divided into four (4) modules:  Working With Staff, Working With Key Stakeholders, Putting Youth-First Developing-Leadership, and Building Your Capacity and Competency.  Each video in the modules is complete with a quiz.


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