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Daily Tips

Consult 4 Kids offers free daily tips which can be texted or emailed to you each day.  The Tips offer insights into working with youth and also shares questions to ask, serendipities to implement, and strategies for engaging youth.  Sign up for these tips.

Best Practices

C4K offers a weekly look at best and promising practices.  We gathered these from the field so they reflect the wisdom who implement programs with youth on a daily basis.  We're happy to share these practices with you.  Sign up and we will email or text them to you once a week.

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C4K has a variety of lesson plans, games, and activities which it shares for free with those who work with youth.  We add to and subtract from these items each month.  You can access these free materials in our store and we promise, the price is right--FREE!


"I struggled coming up with clubs which could last longer than a day or two.  With C4K I've been able to implement clubs which can meet twice a week for six weeks.  My students really enjoyed Lost and Found Laundry and Perspective Art.

Youth Leader

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