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Consult for Kids, better known as C4K, always is looking for supporters including externs, interns and volunteers.

We have multiple possibilities to choose from. Our training program is second to none.

We can help you to prepare for your next endeavor no matter what that may be.


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It is time to Move Forward OR you may need More Information. Either way we want to talk with you.

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Support Helpers

Inhouse Interns

C4K interns get valuable real-world experience while still honing their workplace skills. Intern positions include cinematographers, video editors, and copywriters.  To apply, please complete and submit the application.

Excited Externs

Like our interns, C4K externs gain work experience and generally work virtually. Extern positions include graphic designers, video editors and copywriters.  To apply, please complete and submit the application below.

Valued Volunteers

Although C4K doesn’t use volunteers per se, we support a non-profit both financially and with “sweat equity” and will focus our volunteers on supporting Entrusted Legacy, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit.  Interested, please complete the application below.


"I didn't know if I would like a webinar or not, but C4K's keep it relevant with polls, questions, and opportunities to actually speak to one another and ask questions.  These webinars have solved my problem of a tight schedule."

Webinar Participant

Consult 4 Kids Is Here to Support You

We offer monthly webinars, archives, and tailored webinar series.