Freelancer Possibilities

Consult 4 Kids, better known as C4K, always is looking for Self-Employed Independent Contractors.

We have multiple possibilities to choose from. Our compensation structure and commissions are high. We also pay bonuses and residuals.


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Freelancer Possibilities

Sales Force

C4K is always in the market for self-employed, independent contractors (SEIC) to become part of our Sales Team.  As an SEIC you have tremendous autonomy.  We'll agree on a scope of work, you choose your own hours to make contacts, and represent our product effectively to potential buyers.


Are you a dynamic trainer?  Do you have expertise in working with children and the adults who work with them  to share ?  Are you looking for a creative outlet that you can control within the scope of work you agree to?  If so, Consult 4 Kids may have just the opportunity for you.


Do you wonder what a Materials Maker is?  It's a person who has a depth of understanding about working with youth and education and the creativity to present that information in a unique and amazing way.  This work can manifest in a variety of materials.


"I've attended Nifty 9, Leadership, and Customized Trainings led by C4K.  The trainings are engaging and really require you to participate through peer interactions and a number of activities and conversations.  I found the trainings stimulating, informative, and most of all, an answer to many of my questions."

Training Participant

Consult 4 Kids Is Here to Support You

We have a large number of trainings we can provide for frontline staff, educators and site leaders.