Tips for the End of the Year

Ending in Grand Style

It’s hard to believe that you are nearing the end of the school year.  It seems like we just began, and yet, it is April.  Here are eleven things you might want to consider to make the End of Year (EOY) run more smoothly.

  1. Plan any end-of-year student activities and begin communicating about them to your supervisor, the school day, the parents, and the youth.
  2. Throw away things that are worn out, but be sure to plan for the replenishment.
  3. Organize your supplies and materials.
  4. Write down your start-up order for next year while you are putting things away.
  5. Check with the principal to be sure you have a safe place to store program supplies and materials.
  6. Let Food Services know when your last day of program will be.
  7. Label your items clearly so you’ll know what you have at the beginning of next year.
  8. Check out the curriculum kits.  Have you lost anything that needs to be replaced?  If so, replace now while it’s on your mind.
  9. Prepare for any year-end reports that you will need to submit.  Be sure that your sign-in and sign-out sheets are in order.
  10. Back up your files.
  11. Be sure that all paperwork is complete

Do you have any tried-and-true tips?  Share them with us and our readers.  Your experience can make it easier for everyone.

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