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Technical Assistance

C4K consults, coaches, and broker's resources for clients who are looking to implement new ideas and strengthen current practices and provide youth with interactive learning opportunities.  Technical assistance can be live--either face-to-face, over the phone, or through interactive webinars, as well as virtual through video or email.  

Virtual Education

C4K understands has developed  a video training program which covers Quality Program, Exemplary Performance, Site Leadership, and Youth Engagement for both front line staff and supervisors.  The videos are subdivided into bite-sized chunks and are also divided by length into Minis, Modules, Lessons, and Classes.

Academic Curriculum

C4K has developed a variety of curricula in English Language Art, mathematics, physical activity, conflict resolution, character education, STEM, and what we call themed clubs.  We also have specialty curriculum for engaging openings and Fun Friday.  Out curriculum is kid-tested and approved, and can help you meet your planning needs.

Who Should Take Advantage of C4K Services?

Do you work with youth?  Do you want to be the most effective positive role model and mentor?  Do you want to be the "best you" possible?

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People who understand the importance of working with youth and helping them to learn how to navigate the world.

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