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Outstanding Opportunities

Consult 4 Kids has multiple opportunities for you.  We have both employees and self-employed independent contractors.  We employ administrative assistants, executive secretaries, and webmasters to name a few.  Our contractors include consultants, sales force, and curriculum writers.  We also have interns which work with us.  We are always looking for hardworking, highly-motivated, people who want to support learning.  

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Consult 4 Kids offers technical assistance, virtual education and academic curriculum.  Our technical assistance consultants have vast experience in expanded learning programs and TK-12 Education.  Our virtual education program is suited for youth workers and beginning educators.  Our curricula is applicable to expanded learning and school day classrooms, through eighth grade.  We pride ourselves on sharing our  expertise.  

Free Stuff

Consult 4 Kids has a number of free items which you can access.  We will send you a daily tip for working with children, a weekly promising or best practice, and in our store along with paid items, we have things which you may download for free.  Our goal is to support all adults who act as positive role models and mentors for children and youth to ensure the experience is outstanding for everyone.  

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