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Consult 4 Kids understands how challenging and rewarding working with youth can be.  To support you in your work we have Daily Tips, Best Practices, Tricks of the Trade and a Wellness Calendar that we make available each month.  We also share some of our very successful lesson plans with our subscribers for free.  Finally, we sometimes have access to supplies and materials which we will share to enhance your work with children and youth.

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Fabulous Freebies

Support Calendars

C4K has four support calendars you can access for FREE each month:  Daily Tips, Best Practices, Tricks of the Trade, and Wellness.  We believe these calendars will support you in developing strong, youth-centered practices.  

Free Plans

Consult 4 Kids makes some of our most successful lesson plans available to our subscribers for FREE.  The lessons are for various grade levels and are engaging hands-on, minds-on learning experiences for youth.   


Consult 4 Kids has access from time-to-time to supplies (consumable) and materials (reusable) items that enhance program practices.  We believe in connecting the right items with the right people.  Let us know you're interested.



"I've used Activities, Kits, and Units.  They were fun and engaging for the kids and relieved the time constraints I experience.  As a part time Youth Worker I want to focus my energy on youth, so having support with lessons has made a difference."

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