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C4K has a wide array of lesson plans in most subject areas for age-specific groups. We have English Language Arts, Math, Science, Character Education, Conflict Resolution, Art, Physical Activities, and more.  We have individual lessons (we call these "Activities"), a group of lessons on one topic (we call these "Kits"),  and cross-discipline lessons (which we call "Units").  We have bundles and packets of these plans available.  For the professional youth workers we have Tool Boxes filled with templates, processes, protocols, and more, designed to make your work more efficient and effective. 

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Educational Curriculum

Lesson Plans

Looking for Activities, Kits, Units, or Bundles of lesson plans for a specific grade level or grade level cluster?  At C4K we have hundreds if plans to choose from.  Please follow the link below.


Packets are age-appropriate Learning Packets which  provide children with cross-curricular learning opportunities. These packets are designed to engage learners.  Please follow the link.

Terrific Tool Boxes

We all need "tools" to do our work more effectively and efficiently.  While C4K's "Tool Boxes" don't include hammers and wrenches, they do include things you will need to be the best you can be!


"I became a Site Leader after working with youth in an afterschool program.  I thought it would be the same.  I soon found out that working with adults is not only different but much more challenging.  I had to learn to transition from 'friend' to 'leader'.  C4K's Site Leaders Course helped me make this transition successfully."

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