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C4K’s online instruction provides access to web-based learning 24-7 / 365 days a year.  We have video-based courses designed for youth workers and their supervisors, which cover everything from classroom management to lesson design, and the importance of safety and professionalism.  We have written training which we call Vocational training and a number of eBooks on specific topics.  Finally, we have taken charts, and Zoom white board and captured them in digital format.  

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Powerful Products

Online Instruction

We have a number of courses and mini courses for both frontline staff and site coordinators.  These courses are built on video presentations in the form of minis, modules, lessons, and classes.  Each course has quizzes and Perspectives for discussion.  We can also customize a course for your specific need.  To purchase, follow the link

Written Materials

C4K understands that for some learners, the written format is more effective than video.  Our Vocational Training is designed as a written course complete with quizzes and tests and covers much of what is covered in the video courses. Our eBooks provide a wealth of written information on key aspects of working effectively with youth. Follow the link below.

Digital Renderings

Currently, we have captures charts developed during live assistance and the white board on Zoom, and turned them into digital renderings.  We are also working to expand this area to include digital professional development which is engaging, relevant and intentional.  To purchase our digitial renderings, please follow the link below.
ETL Team

"I never seem to have time to read and even if I did, I learn much better when I can watch and listen.  C4K's videos have helped me understand the basics.  I use '10 Minutes to Success' every day.  When I first started, I had to watch the video several times to get it 'right'."

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