Five Great Conversation Starters!

Interested in talking with them?

Staying in touch with young people and really getting to know them is essential for several reasons. First, it lets them know how much you care about them and that they matter. Secondly, it helps to build #agency within young people and helps them to find their voices. Third, it helps us to know about them so we can practice inquiry in ways that reflect youth’s #interests and #passions. Here are 5 #conversation starters you might find useful.

What season do you like the best? What about that season makes it your favorite?

Think about the past 2-3 days. What was a good choice you made? What about that choice was so outstanding?

What are you doing when you feel the most happy?

What makes you feel #safe and secure?

If you could meet any person of your choice, who would you pick? What about that person makes them that person?

Building relationships with young people is one of the most important things you can do. When we learn about them and understand them, it can only help us to serve them better.

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