College and Career Readiness

Are You Ready?

Have you heard about the great work Dr. Julie Mendoza and her team are doing in El Monte, California to link parents and youth to information about preparing for getting into college and being career ready?  It is truly amazing!  She and her team have created resources that you can use in your program for free to support young people and their families understand how the education system works.  They have information on high school A-G requirements, college applications, financial aid, and anything else you need to know to prepare for college.  They have created a series of educational videos, to be used during the school day or in the hours after-school.  These videos appeal to a wide variety of stakeholders including superintendents, teachers, parents, and students.  The team has also provided access to a career interest survey that can be accessed at  The survey asks a series of questions to help the participant identify areas of interest, things they are interested in and would enjoy doing.  Although the results (which are available instantly), do not recommend specific careers or jobs, it shares the kinds of jobs the participant has indicated they are interested in and would probably be happy doing. 

As we help young people begin to think about the future, opening their eyes to career possibilities is essential.  Since so many of the careers in the future will require a college degree, helping them get ready early will make going to college much more likely for them.  Check out this wonderful resource.

Do you have something you are doing to support young people as they learn about getting ready for college and/or career?  Share your best practices with us and we will share with others.

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