Spring Forward

Always Moving Forward

Each spring we adjust out clocks into Daylight Savings Time.  In this practice, clocks are adjusted forward one hour (of course they are adjusted backward in the autumn), so that in the evening we have more daylight and in the mornings we have less.  This notion was first proposed in 1895 by George Hudson and implemented during World War I.  This year we will spring forward on March 10.  At 2:00 in the morning (when everyone is supposedly sleeping), the time moves to 3:00 and then we have the process of adjusting to the change.

Actually, these extra hours of daylight in your program should be welcomed.  Not only is the weather warming up, the daylight allows opportunity to spend more time out-of-doors and take advantage of learning, inside the outdoors.  Think about the things you could do.  You could increase physical activity and help kids build cardio-vascular strength and endurance.  Perhaps you can start a walk-run club that has the kids working together to log enough miles to make it to Hawaii.  (From LAX, Hawaii is 2,551 miles and from JFK 4,990miles).  Think about how fun it would be to culminate your “trip” with a luau! 

You could also start a garden.  Maybe the school will give you a small plot of land.  If not, what about flower beds, flower pots or egg carts.  The bigger the garden, the more time you and your youth can spend working in it.  Contact a local Master Gardner who will volunteer to help you get started.  If you grow veggies, you can end by harvesting the groups and preparing taste treats for program kids.

You could also…wait, let’s ask the question.  “What are you planning to do this spring that will take your students outdoors?”  Let us know.  We’d be happy to share your plans with the rest of our readers. 

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